Discover the downtown of Lima with our trilingual guides.

One of the tours that Lima Bici is offering to its customers is the discovery of the Downtown of Lima. This journey is a perfect combination for the persons who want to discover the historic part of the capital - through its monuments, squares, and cultural places – have some gastronomical experience, and watch the ocean from different spots. But this experience can be really complete thanks to our trilingual guides.

Lima Bici Guide

What are the highlights of the Tour?

Mainly focused on the historic city center of Lima, this Tour will take you to these major places:

  • Plaza de armas: it is the principal square of the capital. We can appreciate fine different architectural monuments such as the Government Palace, the Cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop's Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. Wherever you look, there is a beautiful monument to admire.
  • Change of Guards at the Palace. Also known as the House of Pizarro, the palace is the seat of the executive branch of the Peruvian Government, and the official residence of the President. Every day, in general at noon, the guards are doing a ceremonial to switch post. The show is accompanied with a fanfare set (trumpets, drums, cymbals…) and therefore creates an enjoyable moment.
  • Plaza San Martin: the second main square of Lima has a rather baroque style, with light colours. The principal monuments are the Colon theatre, arcades but the most spectacular is the Hotel Bolivar. The square has been constructed for the 100th anniversary of the independence of Peru, obtained by the General San Martin. That is why it is named after him. A symbolic statue of him is standing in the middle to honour him.
  • Aliaga Mansion: this is the oldest Colonial mansion of Peru. It is appreciated for its precious architecture, sculptures, wooden artwork, cute patio and its impressive colonial furniture collection. It is a great place to stop.
  • MALI: the Art Museum of Lima. This museum regroups more than 3 000 years of Peruvian art, from the pre-Columbian period to the modern times. It is located in the Exposition Palace (Palacio de Exposición), one of the greatest buildings of the capital. Recently remodeled, the visit of the building and the discovery of the art pieces is even more enjoyable.
  • Santo Domingo Church: this architectural set of historic religious buildings was originally built in the 16th century. Due to different earthquakes, it had to be rebuilt. But it does not take away its significant beauty and singularity.
  • Delicious traditional Peruvian lunch. Discovering Peruvian culture also includes gastronomy experience. You may have heard that in the recent years, Peru has become one of the most renown food destination. Thanks to the variety of its influences and the quality and diversity of its countryside products, Peru has a unique cuisine to make you savor. Lima Bici will make sure that you taste some of the well-known Peruvian dishes such as the lomo saltado, ceviche, causa…
  • Breakwater: on your way back, our guides will show you nice spots to enjoy the view of the ocean and the coast. Watching the surfers, the Palomino islands, the sunset, feeling the fresh air… This is a perfect end after having discovered the historic city center.
Lima Bici Guide

Why is it so important for the company to count on trilingual and professional guides?

Lima Bici is selecting its guides according to different criteria. Indeed, it is important for the company to provide a quality service and offer an unforgettable experience to whoever wants to discover Lima through our tours. To do so, we are counting on a team that first has knowledge of the places we are taking our customers to, deeply knows the Peruvian culture and is passionate about transmitting it. As the majority of our customers is American or European, our guides must speak English and French, in addition of the Spanish obviously. That way, they can easily explain the tours, translate the information during the visits, answer the questions that people may have, and of course interact with the group. It is really important for us to create a synergy between everybody, so the journey is pleasant and unique for all of them, including for the guide himself! If someone is happy with our tours and our guides, it makes us happy too. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers and in addition to the tour itself, it includes their experience with the people and so the guide. He has a special role as he is the intermediary and the representant of the Peruvian culture and the whole journey.

That is why we make sure they are the most qualified and friendly guide we wish for. Come and meet them!